This Would Make Uncle Jerry Proud...

This young man paid attention in History...


Time Keeps On Slippin...

Only 5 more days till Christmas. Where does the time go? It seems that even though we start the season earlier and earlier every year (starbucks has stuff out before Halloweeen), every year it goes by faster and faster. We'll have Christmas with the in-laws tomorrow, and zip to california for the day on monday. Then it's over. All the hype. All the wrapping. All the excitement. Boom. Done.

I'll turn 29 next year. Man I'm getting old.

And fat.

And bald.

Got a lot going for me right now.

Merry Christmas.


It Happened Again...

I previously posted about a conversation I had with a youth minister's wife about her church. You can read the post here. I'm writing today because I had another one of those conversations. I had breakfast with a guy who works at a local church and he made the same statement. He said, "If I didn't work there, I wouldn't attend." For some reason this just tears me up inside.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't think he's wrong for feeling that way. I certainly have felt that way before. But the part that bother's me is that they don't do anything about it. For me, when it has come to that point, you're just collecting a paycheck. And if that's the case, I think you're doubly stupid because there are a lot more things you can do to make a lot more money.

I just don't see how someone can stay in that position and live with themselves. When I quit the last church I was working at, I didn't have anything to fall back on. I just knew that my ministry had become paycheck collecting and that ISN'T RIGHT. So I left without a job to go to. I'd rather be jobless then disgrace myself in that manner.

Am I being to hard on this guy? Maybe. But it's people like this that I think really can change the local church if they are willing to leave their comfort zone.


Quick! Run For Your Lives...

At the 2:15 mark, the man says "Go ahead and laugh..."

I didn't realize we were supposed to wait.


Never Again...

I don't ever want to hear anyone EVER complain about the refs in the Indy/Pats game. Last night it was simply incredible. The Ravens won the game three times. Luckily, the Pats had the zebras there to bail them out. They called an illegal timeout. They called an offensive penalty on a failed fourth down. And they can apparently see ghosts. That's the only explanation as to who could've held Ben Watson, because Jamaine Winborne sure didn't.

I hate the patriots. I not sure I ever thought I'd say this but, "GO STEELERS!"


And I Thought My Jeep Was Killer...

Usually, putting the words suzuki sidekick, redneck, beer, and humongous pile of dirt in the same sentence would also have to include one of the following: ambulance, airlift, and/or emergency room. However, even from a group of guys who can't spell the word 'video', sometimes everything goes perfect. Usually I would only post a video like this when it ends in some kind of catastrophic awesomeness of fiery flames and lots and lots of broken limbs. However, maybe it's the fantastic slow-mos or the slight chance that I may actually be related to a couple of these people, I just could not pass up this opportunity. I'll warn you now, the language is a bit...uh...urban, so if you have virgin ears, please mute the sound. You will still enjoy one of the greatest stunts ever performed.

(PS, I love that the driver puts on a helmet. Absolutely classic.)

I'm Going To Stop Apologizing...

As I mentioned earlier, I love football. So Betsy, I know this makes like 5 of the last 6 about football, but I don't care. I love this sport.

Because I now work on Sundays, I don't get to watch it as much as I would like. Still, I get to see enough to know when we have a superstar on our hands.

Did you see Adrian Peterson yesterday? He has become his own human highlight reel. I can only imagine what kind of "where'd you leave your jockstrap" jokes Kenoy Kennedy is going to have to put up with this week.

I only hope he stays healthy and isn't as injury prone as he's been his senior year and this year. Only time will tell, but dang, is this guy good.


Sorry Betsy.

Look, I know I'm not a powerful voice in the sports blogging community. But after last night, it is a downright SIN not to have a college football tourney to decide the National Champion. Ohio Freakin State is going to play in the Bull Crap Series championship. Everyone knows the Big Ten is a Big Joke when it comes to football, and I'm an Indiana man.

Georgia finished the season ranked in the top four and yet didn't even play for their conference championship. Hawaii never lost and insn't even a contender for the most important BCS game. Kansas's only loss was to a team whose only two losses were to a team who lost to Colorado.

A common addage at the sports books in reference to point spreads is "That's why you play the game." Pitt and West Va proved it again last night, yet that's the problem, the game to determine a true National Champ will never be played. In a year when, most likely, a team with two losses will probably play for the sears trophy, how can you not take a step back and at least take a step towards a playoff. After the money I've lost thanks to the Cardinal , I deserve it!