Make the Madness Stop...

No, not march madness, although I've pretty much stopped watching after Thursday and Friday night. How is it possible to have every single team that you want to win lose? Butler, Tennessee and UNLV all lost really close games. UNLV put on a great comeback in the last three minutes of the game. So close.

But the madness that needs to stop is this song. My buddy Jeff gave me a copy of an old Damien Rice CD "O". I've had song number four 'Cannonball' stuck in my head for like a week now. The rest of that cd is a little strange, though I did give it a chance on my ipod.

I think part of the reason it's so prominate in my head is because they used it on an episode of "The Black Donelly's" (I think that's how you spell it). That show is good. I mean like real good. If you haven't watched it yet, you should catch up on Itunes and check it out this Monday.

I mean like jelly on your biscuits and gravy good.


I Should Blog More Offen...

Did you know that the 't' in 'often' is silent? In the words of Johnny Carson, "I did not know that." Seriously. Maybe I'm the last one on the planet that didn't know that, but the correct pronunciation of the word 'often' sounds like 'offen'. Look it up.

Have you ever had that happen to you? When something in your world you believed in with all your heart was found to be false. Maybe it wasn't even something earth shattering, like the anunciation of a word. Maybe it's something very profound. In either case, it feels like the life you've lived seemed veiled or incomplete, and now the curtain has been torn and you are viewing life a bit more raw now.

I think that I am really selfish. I know we all that have bit of "I'm number one"-itus, but I think mines a bit deeper than that. I was walking through Vons the other day and I thought, "I should get my wife something." Now, I know the Supermarket isn't the most romantic place to go shopping for your wife, but I thought, what the hey? So I went to the cards and looked a few, until I got a phone call that distracted me. After the phone call, I decided that I was hungry, so I went to Cold Stone and got myself an ice cream (nutritious and delicious). It wasn't really until this moment that I realized I never got anything for the girl with the green eyes.

I think I need to work on that. I would really like to love my wife as she deserves. I was reading in John 3 the other day and when John the Baptist says, "He must become greater, and I must become less," it just cuts to my heart. I think that line could apply in all our relationships, not just the one with Christ, though it certainly applies there as well. My wife needs to become greater and greater in my thoughts and actions, and my wants and desires need to become less and less. I think if I can start to do that, my selfishness won't pop up so offen.


The Smells Of Summer...

I washed my car for the first time in a long time today. I love the way she looks when she's not dirty. Such a beautiful car. The 'new car' scent never quite smells like it should so I go with the 'orange citrus'. Reminds me of summer. And with the weather in the lower 90's it's starting to feel like it to.

Watching the cars come off the drying assembly line, it's hard not to try and match the car with the owner. There's the Lexus SUV. Probably goes to the lady talking real estate on the phone. I spot a mullet at the table in the back. Let's see...any camaros in that line? nope? Well, then I'll go with the 80's mustang. Bingo. I spot one I can't place. It's a cadillac but it must be early nineties at best. It has a huge dent and scratches on the rear quarterpanel. Can't quite place that one. So I wait until it's done and the mexican twirls the rag. Up pops a rather unpleasant man who I only noticed before because he was arguing with the cashier when I first walked in to pay. He paces around the car holding the poor attendant hostage while he points at every miniscule droplet of water he can find. Doesn't want any streaks, see?

I find myself wondering if he's going to put this much effort into a car that will never look new, why bother? Why not put that energy and effort and time and money into something that at least when you're done, she'll sparkle and have that summer smell?

I find myself being that man many times. I put energy and effort in making something sparkle and smell fresh when in reality it's dead and foul. I read my bible just enough to give the air of superiority. I pray just often enough to show my piety. I think, "My, aren't I spiritual." I read the right books to know the right answers to the right questions in the right conversations. And I am so very, very wrong.

I wonder what it might be like if I gave in and let Him renew me. Instead of working hard on something that will never be new, what if I died to myself so I could know what new really means. Instead of holding people hostage with my piousness, I might serve them with my humility.

Finally, my car's done. She looks beautiful. I love the smell of summer.


Let Your Thinking and Believing Become Doing and Serving...

I was reading some blogs on the internet today and came across this little bit of writing. It comes from the blog of real live preacher. Something about it just resonated with me, like when you know you've been missing something but can't remember what it is until you find it. I encourage you to check out his blog anyway, as it has some great thoughts, but at least, enjoy this little ditty:

~Let go of big things and embrace little things.
~Ignore loud things and listen for quiet things.
~Put aside obvious things and seek out hidden things.
~Forget easy things and learn hard and ancient things.
~Stop saving your life and start losing it.
~Let your thinking and believing become doing and serving.
~Quit trying to arrive and become at home on the journey.
~Lose your road maps and find a wise guide to walk with you

That's beautiful to me.


Remind Me Not To Ride With This Guy...

You might remember this guy as manliest cartwheel every after beeting a russian behemoth a few years back in the Olympics. Or you might remember him as the guy who got lost for a few days in the frozen wilderness of Idaho and had to have a toe amputated after his body temperature had dropped more than 10 degrees. Or you might remember him from a 2004 motorcylce accident where he was hit by a car and almost died at the scene.

Just this past week, he was flying a little airplane (when will people learn, if you have any amount of fame whatsoever, STAY OUT OF TINY AIRCRAFT!) and it crashed into an almost frozen lake. Three dudes had to swim for about two hours in the freezing water then huddle together at night for warmth until they were rescued.

When this guy was in gradeschool, he brought a bow and arrow in for show and tell. He managed to impale himself with the arrow in front of the whole class.

So basically, the moral of the story is, if you see Mr. Gardner coming your way...RUN!


These Guys Are Good...

These guys are my heroes. My brother and I came up with some fantastic games when we were kids, but I'm pretty sure we never did anything this cool. Sorry about the music...