I Fail...

I do. Oh man do I fail.

In my job I get to talk to a lot of people. Unfortunately, most of the time they are pissed off as they can be. Usually I get to go in and get yelled at, tell them what we are going to do to make them happy, and then try my best to do it. Even if I am successful and finishing the work I told them I would do, they are usually so fed up with my company that the momment the last thing is signed off the door is shut and that's it.

But sometimes, sometimes, I get the good ones. The ones who aren't mad. The ones who love their home and are so excited to be in it.

That sometimes was not today.

But of course, with all bad things, there is a copper lining. I asked the customer if she was a part of a church. She said no, but that she was interested in getting hooked up with one. I told her of a couple of good churches in the area.

Then comes the conversation that I don't know what to do with. It's the "as-long-as-I'm-a-good-person-and-believe-in-God-I'm-okay" conversation. I did my best to say it's all about Jesus. I did my best to say it's about the Holy Spirit leading my life. I did my best to say my life would not be complete without my Saviour.

I did my best.

But I failed. I don't know what success is in that conversation. I don't know if I'm just to be the sower scattering the seeds, hoping some to fall on fertile soil. I don't know if I'm to be the Paul planter, or the Apollo waterer. Too often, I feel I'm the Peter.

You know Peter. Had a chance to stand up for Christ and didn't. Could've cost him his life. Could've cost him deep. Could've, but he missed out. He failed.

I fail too. Oh, do I fail.


Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping, Slipping...

So I know I've basically turned this into my weekly gem finds on the internet. I wish I had more time to sit and just blog my thoughts, but even as I write this I've taken three breaks to have to deal with issues at work (of course, I am getting paid to work, but that's not the issue). Hopefully one day I'll have the time and the thoughts to start blogging a bit more consistently.

Till that day however, I will continue to share things I come accross that are just too unbelievable unless you see them for yourself. Here is one of such things. Enjoy.


Time to go solo...

One great way to ruin/awesomize a church solo?

Projectile Vomit!!!!!!


This isn't fair...

Have you heard of Nikolai Valuev? He fought his first fight agains some poor chap named Monte "Two Gunz" Barrett. Seems like Monte needed at least three gunz (with a 'z' mind you) if he was going to have a shot at this guy. Valuev stands 7 feet tall. SEVEN FEET. Weighs in at a meeger 328 lbs. That is literally twice my size. This guy is a monster. The picture was not doctored in any way. I think the hairy back is just icing on the cake.