Am I The Only One?

When I first saw the trailor, I thought, "This looks stupid. All that CG and special effect crap that ruined star wars. I won't see it."

Then I saw the second trailor. Then I thought, "You know, it may not be too bad. It's people fighting and swords and arrows and blood and stuff. How bad could it be."

Then I started to wonder what it was actually about.

And that's when I fell in love with the story.

You can read all about it at Wikipedia, but let me just say, I think I want to name my first kid Leonidas. It means "son of the Lion". Seriously.

My favorite part of the story is when King Xerxes of Persia is having a conference before the battle with Leonidas. He says that they are too outnumbered and if Leonidas will lay down his arms he'll make Leonidas king of all Greece under Persian rule. Leonidas tells him there is no way he could do that to his compatriots. This ticks Xerxes off and he aggressively orders Leonidas to lay down his arms and Leonidas says, "Come and get them."

Son of the Lion indeed.


In Case You Missed It...

I present the best moment of the Oscars...enjoy it while it lasts...


The Perfect Storm...

Have you ever had a perfect day? I mean the kind of day where everything goes right? Yesterday was one of those days for me.

I slept in till about 9:30. Then I got up, ate breakfast, threw my clubs into my jeep and took off for the golf course. Played a not-too-shabby 18 (well, for myself anyways...I'm sure there'd be a few people embarassed with my score). Came home to an immaculate house that my wonderful wife had slaved away all day cleaning. Hopped in the shower and then made some mean chili for some friends we had come over. Watched a hilarious movie, and then went to some other friends house for a party to cap the night off. Came home at about 11:00 pm and went straight to sleep.

Why can't they all be like that?

(Oh, and did I mention it was like 75 degrees all day?)
(Oh, and also, you have to spell degrees because there is no key on the keyboard with the little degrees sign)


We Wasted The Good Suprise On You...

When I was a kid, I loved the Oklahoma Sooners. Well, mostly their football team. And mostly because my Grandpa did. At that point, I really couldn't have cared less about college football. It was more about getting as much swag as I could that had the name "Sooner" on it. It's why I like the movie "Far and Away".

I remember one christmas telling my parents all I wanted was Oklahoma Sooners gear. Footballs, bed sheets, sweatshirts, whatever, as long as it had the word Sooner on it (although at that age I still wasn't sure what a 'sooner' actually was). Well, christmas eve comes and all is quiet. I, of course, can't wait for the morning, so I sneak out in the middle of the night with my flashlight, scissors and tape.

I pick the nearest gift with my name on it. With the precision of a seasoned surgeon, I slice the tape perfectly between the seams. Ever so quietly, I pull the object out. With much joy, I admire my new sooner's hat.

Fearing I might get caught, I quickly use the tape to re-assemble the gift with the kind of perfection that comes from years of sneaking. The next morning we bound down the hallway to our new gifts. My brother and my sister are excited about what the unknown has in store. I'm a bit more reserved. I try to play it off as maturity, but it was all because there was no more unknown. I knew what my gift was. Of course, when the moment came, I played the part of the excited kid getting exactly what he wanted.

I've never really thought about that christmas until yesterday.

Sure, the Colts beat the Bears. Whoopieding. Even when Hestor ran the opening kickoff back, I can honestly say there was never a moment I was worried. Somehow, I just knew that we were going to win. Not because of destiny or anything else, just because I knew we were a better team.

I have to be honest when I say the present opening came for me two weeks ago. When Jackson intercepted that Tom Brady pass, I jumped up and ran around my house screaming like a crazy person. Yesterday, I barely smiled. It was like it was a forgone conclusion.

Don't get me wrong. I've been waiting a looooooong time for the Colts to reach this point. I've been waiting since Colts stood for: Count On us to Lose This Sunday. Back when Dean Biasucci was the kicker, and Bill Brooks caught passes from Jack Trudeau. Yes, I've been through those low times. And it feels good for us to finally be at the pinnacle.

I think, though, the pinnacle is when you know you are the best. It's when you beat the best. Sorry Chicago, but the real super bowl was two weeks ago.

It had better commercials too.


Just a Side Note...

If you have an ipod and itunes, you need to subscribe to "The President's Weekly Radio Address". I know, I know, you don't want to listen to a half-hour long dissertation by our beloved commander-in-chief. Don't worry, this is the minute and a half parody. Make sure you have the title right and DOWNLOAD! It will make you giggle.