Don't Mess With The Falcons...

...cause you might get danced on all up in the hizzie!


Across The Universe Of Weird...

Saw "Across The Universe" today. Whenever I see an art/indie flick I'm always hesitant to say anything about it because 9 times out of 10, the film is amazing and I'm just uncultured swine that doesn't know what I'm talking about.

But alas, I will comment.

Didn't like it. I mean, I get the whole story through a Beatles song thing. I get that they trancended so many decades and movements and what not. I still just didn't like the film.

But, I took the girl with the green eyes and she liked it. Made her all gushy gushy. She was all clingy to me all afternoon. Now she's calling my name from upstairs.

On second thought...I loved the film.


I Hope They Win...

So, right now, it's the bottom of the sixth and the Rockies are up six to one thanks to a Holliday HR. I've always been a Rockies fan. "Yeah right" you say, "You're just jumping on the bandwagon."

Au contraire mon frere. My bedroom growing up was purple and black. I had a Colorado Rockies border lining my ceiling. I had hats, t-shirts, jackets, even a gold chain. I slept under purple sheets. PURPLE SHEETS! I may be the only straight man I know whose done so. I even have a picture of me in front of Coors Field when it was about halfway done. Been a fan since they came in the league.

All that being said, you are partly right. I'm more of the fan of the fairweather persuasion. But that's just because baseball is boring. What with all 162 games, who has time to keep up with it all? But the playoffs provide what the regular season is missing, namely meaning. In the playoffs, every game means something. It's why football is so popular. NASCAR tried it this year with the slogan that "Every Lap Counts". But come on, it counts towards one boring obsession with left hand turns and t-shirts without sleeves.

But now, these last few innings mean something. Speaking of which, I gotta go. Games on.


I'm Sick and Tired of It...

I'm done with sports. It's over for me.

You can't watch the NBA because you never know who is throwing the game. You used to think that was a danger only from players owing their bookie too much money. But now, every time I disagree with the ref, it'll cross your mind.

You can't watch baseball. There are so many roided out freaks in that league, the only natural thing left is David Well's man-boobs.

You can't watch the NFL. People recording other people signals. I just hate the Patriots.

And yesterday, the olympics were ruined for me when Marion Jones admitted to using steriods. She gave the same BS about not knowing they were steriods. Come on. You are training to be the best woman ever in track in field (5 gold medals at one olympics) and you aren't going to monitor what you put in your body like a fat kid behind the glass at a pizza place? What was that conversation like?

Trainer: Here, rub this on your muscles.

Jones: What is it? It's not steroids is it?

Trainer: Nope, it's magic lotion.

Jones: Really? I'll give my husband some too!

And her press conference was just awful. You could totally tell she was faking it the entire time. Seriously, I'm not watching one more athlete lead me down an exciting road only to find he was faking it the whole time.

From now on, it's only me and Jesus.

Jesus Manning that is.


Hello. Is There Anybody In There?

So I haven't posted in awhile. No real reason.

I've had the time. I'm off for two days in the middle of the week with no one home and nothing to do. So I can't really blame that.

And I have the fodder. We are starting a new small group. I'm reading a good book right now. I've traveled the across the country recently. The Colts are winning. All in all, there's bound to be some stories somewhere.

Truth is, I haven't really felt like it. Maybe because I'm soooo bored that I just can't motivate myself to do it. Who knows.