The Adventure Begins...

(I wrote the following blog the night we found out I had knocked up the girl with the green eyes. I saved it to my other blog because I couldn't post it here quite yet. But I had to do something. So, here is the first blog in the life of my baby.)

It's Monday, January 21st.

It's 10:53 pm and though I didn't get much sleep last night, I'm wide awake.

The girl with the green eyes expected two words, but somehow, I knew there would only be one. One little word that will forever change my life.


I don't believe I will ever forget that moment. She peed into a cup and then I dipped the little stick in. She had wanted to take it by herself earlier in the day, but I wouldn't let her. For once, I'm glad she listened to me. We both crouched over the counter in our spare bath and watched a little hourglass blink. The package said it would take three minutes, but she must be REALLY knocked up because it seemed to only be about thirty seconds.

It cut her off mid-sentence, as if to say there is nothing you will ever say again that will be more important than me.


We hugged. We kissed and said I love you. We took a couple pictures with the test.


Then, in a surprising moment of spiritual clarity, I grabbed the girl with the green eyes' hand and we knelt at the end of our bed.

I told God he could have it.

I praised Him for His generosity. I wept at His mercy. I laughed at His timing.

The thing is probably about the size of my pinky and I'm already envisioning the people he will lead or the beauty she will display.

This is my child.

And that is why I lie awake on an otherwise ordinary Monday night.

Because nothing will ever be ordinary again.


I Smell Stork Poop...

Okay, the time is almost here. As far as the plan goes, they will induce the girl with the green eyes on Tuesday. Sometime, in the hours of pain after that, my little girl will be born. As I am quickly learning, things change fast, so if it does, I probably won't be able to blog to let you know. All I know is that every moment that passes I get closer to seeing her and I can't wait!!!!


The Henderson's Are Gonna Be Pissed...

Click here.

What A Day...

Yesterday, we had a regularly scheduled Dr. appointment. At the very end, on a whim, the good doc said, "Ya know, I can't tell if the baby is head down yet. Why don't you have an ultrasound to make sure."

We go down the hall and wait for the ultrasound tech. Soon enough, Candice's belly is covered with goo and we see, sure enough, the baby's head is...well, making like a baby and heading out. All's good right?

Well, not quite. The tech says she wants to get a reading on the fluid surrounding the baby. Seems like there should be more than there is. She moves the magic wand all over my wife's blossoming belly and clicks on the computer a couple of times. She says, "Let me go talk to the doctor for a minute."

Never a good sign.

She comes back and says that her ussumptions were correct. Candice's fluids are about half of what they should be. She tells us we need to head to a specialist to see what is up.

So, this morning we go to a paranatal specialist and get checked out. Turns out my wife's fluids aren't just low, they are dangerously low. Like, we almost went to the hospital today and had a kid low. They told her to drink water today like there's no tomorrow and see if that helps. If not, they'll probably put her in the hospital and monitor her this weekend. We have to go back and get an update tomorrow afternoon and we'll know more.

All this, and my very first house as an independent real estate agent closed today. What a weird mix of emotions. A little success mixed with a lot of fear and anticipation. Who knows, I might become a daddy this week!

The really good news is that the baby is nice and heathly. She is just shy of 6 lbs and is right where she should be growth wise. Her lungs aren't 100% developed, so we really want her to stay in the cooker for another week or so, but if she decides she's ready, modern technology should be able to help her out for the first week or so.

We'll could use any prayers you got, but overall, I'm just overwhelmed with the emotion that everything is suddenly so close. I thought I had like 3-4 weeks and I may not even have 24 hours. I'll keep you posted.


Great Article...

My fellow blogger Dustin posted a great article his lead pastor wrote about multi-venue churches. You can read the article here.

My mom and I were just talking about this issue yesterday. I'm all for new and inventive ways of sharing the gospel. I'm all for church planting. But something has always rubbed me wrong about the multi-site video venue.

There is a church in town that does it and I was speaking with one of the pastors who works there a couple of months ago. He was lamenting how they were having a difficult time getting people to want to be involved. It struck me as odd that they hadn't thought of this before. I would think that would be one of the first things you would plan on when you invite people into a room to watch tv.

I really like the attitude of the pastor and that the whole point of this church thing isn't to create a following, but to create a community of people building one another up.

Is there anyone out there at a wildly successful video venue site? What challenges did you have to overcome? Is it still the way that you would decide to go?