Top Ten Sports Moments of 2008

So I was talking to my wife about all the great NFL matchups both this past weekend and it got me thinking, "Man, I am a really good looking guy." It also had me thinking, "Man, I can't believe what a REALLY good looking guy I am."

So after thinking that, I decided to post my top ten favorite sports moments of 2008. You'll find that most of these are American moments (i.e. No soccer events) but that's because that's what I watch. If you want objectivity, go somewhere else. This blog is all about me. But let's be honest, that's why you are reading it anyway.

So here we go:

#10 - Roger Clemen's Testifying in Washington

I know what you are thinking, and yes, I will be happy to let you name your first born son after me. But the other thing your thinking is, "Jake, your starting a top ten list about sports with something that happened in Congress?" Yes I do. This was a sad reminder of the state of our professional sports era. Our demand for "Higher, Stronger, Faster," turned into "How rediculous can we get these freaks to look?". I am not proud that this was a top ten moment, but I think it's sobering and is something we can learn from.

#9 - Game 5 of the Stanly Cup

I know the NHL is the red-headed step child of professional sports. And I'm certain that it barely beats the MLS on the "Professional sport I would most like to wipe my butt with" list. But the truth is, this was a great, great game. Pittsburg was down one goal with less than 45 seconds on the clock. They pull their golie and score to send the game into overtime. With no one scoring, the game went into TRIPLE OVERTIME until Petr Sykora scored on a slapshot 9:57 into the third extra session to give the Penguins a 4-3 victory over the Detroit Red Wings. People who don't watch hockey were talking about that game the next day.

#8 - Game 4 of the NBA finals

At one point, the Celtics were down 24 points. It seemed all but certain Kobe was gaining the momentum to win the Laker's first championship since dealing off The Diesel. Winning this would put them up 3 games to 1 and send the series back to LA for at least two more times to try and finish off the Celtics. But a jumpshot by Eddie House with just over 4 minutes gave Boston it's first lead of the game. Ray Allen's reverse lay up seals the win and the Celtics go on to take the next two for their first title in 22 years. I say, they lose this game, they lose the title.

#7 - Big Brown Wins The Preakness

I know there are a lot of people who are vocal against horse racing, my wife included. But I love it. The beauty of these huge, powerful animals giving everything they've got captivates me. We haven't had a triple crown winner in 30 years, but lately we've had some good runs (the last being Smarty Jones in 2004). Big Brown laid a big brown at Belmont, but this race got people excited for a possible triple crown and made us all forget about the Kentucky Derby tragedy with Eight Belles.

#6 - Usain Bolt's 100 Meter Domination

(editor's note: NBC has made getting ANY media of this event impossible)

9.69 seconds. Enough said.

#5 - Tiger Woods Vs. Rocco Mediate in US Open.

Maybe it was the putt to send it to a playoff. Maybe it was the fact that after an 18 hole playoff, they were still tied. Maybe it was the fact that Tiger looked like an old war vet hobbeling up and down the fairways. Maybe it was the fact he was playing one of the most likeable players on the tour, who, two weeks earlier, had to win a playoff just to qualify for the US Open. Whatever it was, this year's US Open was one for the books. After it was all said and done, even Tiger said it was the best ever.

#4 - NCAA Championship Game

Anytime a championship goes into overtime, you can rest assured it's a good one. And when you have to sink a long jumper as time expires to get it there, you want to savor that flavor. The entire tournament was full of excitement, culminating with the top seeds in each bracket making it to the final four for the first time ever! It was certianly March Madness.

(P.S. Hey Memphis....Practice your free throws!)

#3 - Michael Phelps Out Touches Milorad Cavic

I love the Olympics. Two weeks dedicated to all sorts of competition. And while there were some other great stories (All the volleyball teams, the 'Redeem Team', that old gymnastics chick with the sick kid), Michael Phelps catapulted himself into the discussion of the greatest Olympian of all time. After the race, debates raged with "Did he really win?" or "Does it matter who touches first or who sets off the timer first" or "Is Chloe Keck the cutest baby ever?" and what was great is after the race, thanks to the underwater cameras it was clear, he really won. That extra stroke that he took and that Cavic didn't take cost Cavic everything and gave Phelps everything.

#2 - The Wimbledon Finale

You have to put the extra 'e' on it because it's in Englande. This was an epic for the ages. Two warriors refusing to give up. Two titans of the sport, dueling for supremacy. Whatever. I mean, it still is just tennis. But, the truth is, this was the best tennis match I've ever seen, even if I had to watch it on DVR (which, come to think of it, is probably why it was the best match ever...). These two guys will go down as two of the greatest ever and this will be their greatest match.

#1 - The Throw

I could just say this is number one because the Patriots laid an egg. But to do so would be to cut the Giants short on what they accomplished. Not even the Colts could do what little brother and the football giants were able to accomplish. They beat the Patriots. And this play will go down as one of the best ever in a Super Bowl, which, if you are going to have a play go down as the best ever, it'd be hard to find a better platform than the Super Bowl with something like 8 billion people and aliens watching.

There you go, the top ten sports moments from your's truly.

You're welcome.

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Betsy said...

i especially like the top 5, i kept thinking that i would move the tiger one up even higher but the list kept getting better and better. it's been a good year for sports!